Financial Information

Note: All prices listed in this document are calculated in Canadian currency and are subject to change without notice.

Costs for all students (2017-2018)

A $80 Canadian non-refundable application fee, per person, is required when applying.
  Fall Winter Spring Totals for 3 semesters

Tuition and graduations fee, activities

$4,207 $4,208 $2,525 $10,940
Class Notes $50 $50 $50 $150

Total $4,257 $4,258 $2,575 $11,090

Required textbooks and resource books  (approximate per student)            $350           


                            Fall                              Winter  Spring      Total for 3 semesters
                   One child for half days only                        $950                           $1 000                     


 $2 501             

It is possible to send your child/children to daycare part time, depending on availabibliy.  The cost for part-time is $15 for half a day per child, charged montly.  

Additional costs for students living in dorms (2017-2018)




Spring (2)

Totals for 3 semesters

Meals, Double room (1), (Internet, Landry)  

$1,950 $2,025 $1,208 $5,183

Polo, Student activities

$115 $50 $50 $215

Total (double room)

$2,065 $2,075 $1,258 $5,398

(1) The fees for rooms and meals do not include the periods of Fall and Winter mid-term breaks or the Christmas or Easter breaks.
(2) Dorm students may participate in a 2 week mission trip during the Spring semester. An additional cost for this trip may be charged, depending on the destination.
(3) For a single room add $100 per month. 

Payment Schedule

Tuition and other fees

At registration, we require payment for the entire semester, or a letter from your mission board indicating that they will accept direct billing for your fees from Word of Life Bethel.  Apartment rent is due at the beginning of each month.

Confirmation Deposit

A non refundable $200 confirmation deposit for each student is to be sent upon reception of notification of acceptance. This will be applied to the first semester tuition.

Additional Information

Dropping or Changing Courses

Any part-time or full-time student in the language school is held responsible, both academically and financially, for any or all courses for which he (she) has registered.  The student has two weeks from the beginning of the semester to drop or change a course.  This must be done in writing and given directly to the registrar, not to the teacher.  After this date, no cancellation or course change will be considered and there will be no refund.

Dorm Housing for Singles

Our dorms serve our French Bible School students, who are mostly teens. All dorm residents are expected to contribute to community life by following dorm rules and schedule and participating in several hours of manual work on campus each week.  The fees for housing and meals are payable at the beginning of the semester.

Apartment Rental

The following rents are for on-campus furnished apartments (we only rent furnished apartments, including everything except bedding and towels, telephones, televisions and computers) and include utilities (water, heat and electricity, landry and Internet):

One bedroom $580 - $600 per month
Two bedrooms $660 - $720 per month
Three bedrooms $750 - $850 per month

In order to keep rents to a minimum, all tenants of Parole de Vie Béthel’s apartments are requested to participate in some manual work on the campus.  This includes cleaning of common areas in the apartment buildings and snow removal.  Students who so desire may volunteer to help with other tasks according to needs and abilities.

Students living off campus can expect to pay more for basic rent, plus furnishings and utilities. In most cases, they may be required to sign a full 12 month lease.

Living Expenses

A family of 4 or 5 will need about $2,000 - $2,500 per month for total living expenses (excluding tuition and school costs). You should also plan on about $500 for getting settled in once you arrive.

Telephone & Internet Services

Telephone service can be obtained for apartments. The basic monthly rate for the telephone is about $30 plus an installation fee of $50.  Pay phones are available in the dorms.

No pets are allowed on campus.

(Revised October 7, 2014)