A Word From the Dean

Since 1948, we have been preparing English-speaking missionaries for work on francophone fields of service.  We provide them with the linguistic and cultural skills that will enable them to meet the needs of the church in the French-speaking world. 
In order to fulfill our mission, we use a communicative method called "Invitation" whereby learning is always put into context.  This method, which is the basis of our program, touches on all of the French-speaking cultures of the world.  In addition, our teachers are all native French speakers. 
There are many advantages to the Language School at Parole de Vie Béthel (Word of Life Bethel).  Our location in North America provides ease of contact with mission agencies in the event of emergencies and helps to keep costs down.  Also, studies can begin at two different times during the year: September or January.  We provide a supportive Christian environment in which to live and study.  As well, we have multiple-level instruction according to the knowledge and ability of each student and a campus that is ideal for families with children. In addition, because of the French Word of Life Bible Institute which shares the same campus, missionaries have the opportunity to interact with young students who are searching for God's leading in their lives and share their burden for missions with them.  Overall, Parole de Vie Béthel is an excellent place to study French. 
We invite you to come, see and discover our Language School. 
Michel Roby 
Academic Dean of the Language School