French Language School

Bethel Bible Institute was founded in 1948. Word of Life Canada assumed responsibility for its operation in 1992 and it is now known as Word of Life Bethel. We offer a complete program for English speaking missionaries and others desiring to learn French. From the very beginning we have offered both a complete Bible course in French as well as a course for English-speaking people desiring to learn French. This combination has always been very helpful since the language learner is immersed in a French environment and culture. Over 1000 missionaries have received their language training at Bethel and many currently serve in French-speaking countries around the world.

Language school classroom with Michel

We also offer a French Immersion in Biblical Studies program for students who possess a basic knowledge of French and who wish to perfect their language skills while deepening their knowledge of the Word of God and broadening their exposure to French ministry and world missions. If this better describes what you're looking for, visit French Immersion in Biblical Studies.

The school is situated near the lovely city of Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. The campus offers a calm, natural setting within a few minutes walk of a city bus line.

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