Doctrine (2 to 4 hours per week) - Wesley Peach

Theology is the study of God and of His works. The doctrine course is designed to give the student an overview of the major theological doctrines of the Bible.  Each student is required to read the book Lectures in Systematic Theology by Henry Thiessen, following a pre-established schedule. A research project based on a theological question must be prepared and presented orally in class each semester.

Bible Survey (2 to 4 hours per week) - Martin Jalbert

This course gives an overview and a practical knowledge of the 66 books of the Bible. The theme and the distinctive characteristics of each book are underlined as well as their contribution to the whole of Scripture. Throughout the year, pictures as well as video clips of the land of Israel bring the Scriptures to life and serve to illuminate the geography, history and culture of biblical times.

Each student is required to read the entire Bible during the year and write a title for each chapter. He or she must also read the books Panorama of the Old Testament and Panorama of the New Testament by Henrietta Mears following a pre-established schedule.

Biblical Exposition Modules (10 hours per week) - Various faculty 

These one-week modules offer an in-depth study of certain books of the Bible as well as other related subjects. Either resident or adjunct faculty teach these modules.

Typical course schedule 

Fall semester (September to January)

Bible course                                                               

Hours of class   

Doctrine 1 45
Bible Survey 1 45
1-2 Timothy 10
Worldview 10
Évangelism  10
Galates 10
Proverbs 10
Ephesians 10
French Courses                                                             
Grammar  60
Dialogue  60

Total : 270


Winter/Spring semester (January to June)

Bible course 

Hours of class

Doctrine !! 45
Bible Survey II 45
Gospel of John  10
Inductive Bible Study Methods 10
1 Corinthiens 10
Apologetics 10
Winter Ministry Internship  10
Intercultural studies 10
Hébreux  10
French courses  
Grammar 60
Dialogue 60

Total : 280


Summer Semester (June to July)

Bible Courses 

Hours of Internship 

Cross-cultural Ministry (Missionnary trip) 50
Christian Camping  20
Summer Ministry Internship  330

Total : 400 hours


This list is subject to change.