Language School or Bible School?

At Parole de Vie Béthel we offer several programs that run simultaneously.  Hopefully this will help you understand what we have to offer and help you decide what is best for you.

First and foremost our French Bible program is a one year program for young adults offered entirely in French.  To participate, one must have a firm grasp of the French language as this program is very intensive.  This course runs for eleven months and a student can start in September or January as dorm space permits.

 Secondly we offer a French language school for anglophones.  We offer French at the beginner, intermediate, advanced and immersion levels.  This program is primarily for missionaries desiring to serve the Lord in French speaking countries.  This program is very flexible depending upon your abilities in French.  The majority of the classes are language learning classes as opposed to Bible classes.  No previous experience in French is required to participate in this program.  This course can be taken on a semester by semester basis with classes beginning in September and January and with a Conversation program for those in the intermediate level and higher being offered during the months of May and June.

We also offer a third, hybrid program.  French Immersion in Biblical Studies combines French classes in the language school with Bible classes in the Bible school.  As the year progresses the student will take fewer and fewer French courses and more and more Bible courses.  By the end of the year, the student should be functionally bilingual as they will have become full participants in the French Bible program.   We require that a student understand French at the intermediate level or higher to participate.  This program is eleven months long like the Bible program and students must start in September.