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Study and apply the Word of God in your life

A unique Bible school in Quebec for young people

Connecting with other young Christians in Quebec

Through activities such as conferences, Folies Lunaires, and camps.



Following government recommendations, we regretfully,
will be canceling our 2020 summer camp season at Parole de Vie Quebec.

We hope to fin you for the 2021 season!

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Parole de Vie : Sherbrooke Quebec


We offer a fully accredited biblical studies program. Not only do we want you to know the Word of God, but we want you to apply it and have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our French Bible School prepares young adults to share their faith and take stand firm for the Lord wherever they may be.


Word of Life kids camp and teen camp programs uniquely combine the elements of adventure, intensity, friendship, and Christian instruction making them a favourite with young people and families. In Sherbrooke, Quebec, young francophones hear the Gospel in our camps as well in different rallies through the province.


We organize different events and activities that aim to gather and proclaim the Gospel in a lively and dynamic way. Our vision is to partner with the churches of Quebec by offering them resources and expertise at the youth level.


Our Language School offers beginner, intermediate, advanced, integration, and conversation courses that help prepare missionaries for service in French speaking countries around the world. At all levels, our program is customized to your current understanding of the language.


“Good things come to those who wait for. God has a sequel in ideas. These are probably the two sentences that best summarize my year at Word of Life. Any difficulties that happen in my life have a purpose, even if I do not understand them right away, I will know it someday, or maybe not, but it does not matter! What is really cool is to find out why I have had some kind of trial and to realize that this event will help me to help someone later. In short, understanding the Bible more, working on my character, my life, learning to know God more and more, this was my year at Word of Life.”

Liane Fankhauser

Student 2015-2016 and Internship 2016-2017

“If I had to use an illustration to describe the benefits that the biblical Word of Life school has brought to the lives of my four children, and in more than 20 young people in our church would be a good investment. This investment is crucial for their personal foundation. They need to be equipped to deal with the many philosophies and tricks of the devil. This time of investment is not only profitable for their lives but also for their Church. The majority of them are very involved in several ministries. They are everywhere, at daycare, at Sunday school, as audio-visual technician, in the group of Olympians or in the youth group. I must admit sincerely that they are our best disciples. What an investment! What a dividend! 

Louis Bourque

Pastor , Evangelical Baptist Church of Terrebonne-Mascouche

“My passage at Word of Life has completely changed my life, my way of seeing and living. From my two years, I keep a memory so precious, I would not exchange them for anything in the world. To realize God’s will for my life, to begin to put it into practice and understand my Bible are things that have profoundly marked the time spent there, for the better! I would have so much to say, but a verse sums up my deep joy and my complete satisfaction at having studied it: Job 42.5 “My ear had heard about You, but now my eye has seen You. God is wonderful when we let Him act.

Martine Renaud

Student in 2005-2006 and Assistant in Residence in 2006-2007